Queen Mary University of London

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QMUL is one of the members in the Russell Group and one of the four large Colleges of the federal University of London. QMUL was ranked 13th out of 200 in the recent national research assessment exercise. The School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science has achieved prominence in research and teaching. The in-house capability of the School is currently 60 research active academic staff, 150 research students and 60 Post Doctorate Research Assistants. The School´s current research grant portfolio is £22.6 million. Networks research group in the School has a highly experienced participant, technical manager and coordinator of EU FP5, FP6 and FP7 IST projects. Recently QMUL performs research, and demonstrates advanced prediction-and-control technologies to enable the development of the next generation of the electric utility grid.

Main Tasks
The main contribution of QMUL in this project is the know-hows on the energy model prediction for energy distribution planning and energy correlation between human activities and energy prediction in WP3 and development of collaborative framework and implementation of prediction model in WP4; Other contributions such as developing collaboration framework in WP1; Classification of different threats in WP2; Design IRENE evaluation method for energy prediction and conduct evaluation in WP5 and; Development of common repository information and participate in relevant events in WP6.