Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (FTW)

FTWFTW is a nationally leading and internationally acclaimed centre for research and development of technologies for future communication systems. Established in 1998, FTW is supported by the Austrian Government and the City of Vienna within the competence centre programme COMET. FTW concentrates on research and development of theories, algorithms and processes for the intelligent management of future communication systems. FTW closely cooperates with partners from industry, including corporate companies like A1 Telekom Austria, EVN, and Alcatel-Lucent, and national and international partners from academia. FTW consists of an international and multi-disciplinary team of about 60 full-time researchers. FTW has a solid track record of participating in more than 20 European projects and numerous Austrian projects in the area of smart home control, robust smart grid control, and ICT infrastructures.

Main Tasks
FTW coordinates the project and contributes with its expertise in Smart Grid security, control, and modelling. FTW is work-package leader for WP3 and has contributions to all other work-packages, focusing on the development of approaches for grid island mode of operation, ICT infrastructure and grid modelling, preventive security and resilience mechanisms, and quantitative risk and security assessment.