IRENE Workshop at SmartGIFT 2017

IRENE results have been presented during the 2nd EAI International Conference on Smart Grid Inspired Future Technologies in London on March 27. The following presentations were given by the project partners.

  • Opening: The IRENE project
    Andrea Ceccarelli (Univ. of Florence), Oliver Jung (AIT)
  • A Tool for Evolutionary Threat Analysis of Smart Grids
    Zoppi, Tommaso; Ceccarelli, Andrea; Mori, Marco (University of Florence)
  • A Tool that uses Demand Side Management for Planning the Grid Response to Outages
    Bessler, Sandford; Hovie, Daniel; Jung, Oliver (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)
  • An Overall Grid Modelling Tool for Modelling Smart Grids
    Lau, Eng Tseng; Chai, Kok Keong; Chen, Yue (Queen Mary University of London)