ISC2 2016 IRENE workshop

The IRENE workshop on “Resilient and secure urban power systems” was held during the IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2) 2016 on September 15 in Trento, Italy. Five papers where presented and as a keynote speech an excellent overview of smart grid security and standardisation issues was given by Giovanna Dondossola of Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico – RSE.

Keynote: A Reference Framework for the Cyber Security Assessment of Digital Energy Systems
Giovanna Dondossola

The following papers were presented by their authors and presentations of some of the papers are available for download.

    1. Analysing Non-Malicious Threats to Urban Smart Grids by Interrelating Threats and Threat Taxonomies
      Alexandr Vasenev, Lorena Montoya
    2. Effect of Information Presentations on Consumer Emotions to Induce Power Saving Actions
      Tomonori Nakayama, Hirotaka Osawa, Shinichiro Okushima, Hirohisa Aki
    3. A Privacy Preserving Approach to Energy Theft Detection in Smart Grids
      Christopher Richardson, Nicholas Race, Paul Smith
    4. Outage Response in Microgrids using Demand Side Management
      Sandford Bessler, Daniel Hovie, Oliver Jung
    5. ICT-Attack Resilience of Urban Smart Grids Involving Multiple Control Loops
      Jacob T. Madsen, Jayakrishnan Radhakrishna Pillai, Hans-Peter Schwefel